A Functional House Designed to Detail to Support The Family Hustle

Houses have to design them to adapt to the needs of its inhabitants, and when a rehabilitation, becomes even more if possible. This is what has happened in this Detached House that has undergone a comprehensive rehabilitation and it is located in Madrid, and more specifically, in La Moraleja.

The owners, a young family with three children, wanted a functional home and that was perfectly suited to the ajetro and to the needs of children in the House. The House consists of a ground floor and a first floor and a small attic, as well as a garden area.

In addition to getting that House was functional, the reform focused on creating airy and bright spaces with an abundance of sunlight, making the most of each space, installing created bespoke furniture and lots of wood for the entire House.

As well, on the ground floor, which together with the common spaces, a unique and large space that articulates the family to creating life was generated different environments that do times hall, meeting rooms and dining that surround the key piece in the Centre.

This centerpiece is one bubble with different uses inside which we find a wardrobe for the receiver, a cupboard for the dining room, or a wine cellar.

On the first floor of the House the four bedrooms are arranged with their four bathrooms. In this area of the House, the aim of the reform was to create spacious and bright spaces that you would have plenty of storage, a pressing need in any home.

In this plant are the baths of children, formed by a few capsules, they are a continuous membrane inside and out designed thanks to a construction system that allows you to create a continuous surface that has no joints and with curved shape that allows you to build a dynamic and totally personalized space.

Finally, and finishing the House, find the Attic, a space that is separate from the rest of the House through a Louvre blades that allows you to vary the privacy of the office depending on the needs of each moment and allowing the natural lighting of the stairs and hall on the ground floor.