A Penthouse with Views That You Stop with The Mouth Open

Have the? Swedish houses that we like so much? Decoration, environment, the type of furniture, the brightness will be… The case is that the Swedish housing pirran us.

Today, we’re going to Stockholm, the beautiful capital of the country, to discover this amazing penthouse with views that will leave you open-mouthed.

The loft has a charming industrial air Thanks to brick walls, dark wood floors, or stairs to the attics with bars.

Even so, despite the industrial touch, housing is the sea of pleasant thanks to the furniture you have chosen, to the comfortable fireplace, carpets or the modern and cheerful pictures you dress up the walls.

With their sloping white roofs and skylights that open in the Gets a great light in the dining room kitchen. The curtains in the kitchen give the necessary touch of color clarity of furniture.

The House also has a Office area with views to Stockholm, with a comfortable sofa next to the desk where the disconnect from time to time table.

As it could not be otherwise, the property also has an essential space for many: the dressing room, adapted to the sloping roofs. One of the few drawbacks that I put to this House find it precisely in the dressing room, having no doors or a few simple stores that cover the locker area and protect it from dust or you think you have a dressing room with cabinets without doors?

The bedroom still with the style of the rest of the House, with white as the predominant color and taking advantage of the lower sloped roofs to have libraries of work to save books.

A spectacular loft where we are sure that more than one wouldn’t live… And you, What they most liked this House? What would you change where this House was yours?