An Apartment Full of Details to Break The Monotony of The White

Seeing this first image, with this striking role in the kitchen, open doors, and the lush vegetation in the courtyard, one could mislead about the location of this charming apartment that we bring you today. A apartment which is in Gothenburg, in Sweden, and that it stands for all the contrasts that offers inside.

The apartment has 94 square meters, and is very bright Thanks to all the windows, balconies and terraces are there. A luminosity, which together with the white prevailing in good part of housing, makes it is without doubt that the House seem much larger than.

The kitchen It is one of the main protagonists of this House, above all for its large size. Being so large, it allows a wide white furniture in a front, and other cabinet next to the refrigerator in stainless steel on another wall. The refrigerator, next to the cooker hood, oven or steel Cabinet handles give it a touch of modernity to the set.

To give you a cosy atmosphere, has been chosen by Wall wall there next to the table for lunch or dinner with a paper with floral patterns and bright colours, giving life to the space and completely changing the appearance you might have the kitchen if it were blank.

The Hall may be the most normal part of the House, identical to so many and so many Scandinavian-style rooms. With their mouldings, your wood flooring, white, light, plants, details on windows and pads that give some life to the sofa, perhaps most striking is the ceiling lamp, and the vases of glass with plants that are hung on the wall.

The master bedroom is also very broad, and on the ground in white, stands out for the old console that is on the bed, and that bedspread with polka dots that gives you a bit of life to the uniformity of space wrapped white and grey of the bed’s headboard wall.

In the bedroom there is a lovely terrace those that we both like to enjoy the rays of the Sun of the Sunrise, or to relax a little reading before going to sleep.

And finally, I could not teach another space that have called me attention, child room. A room of the more welcoming thanks to details that break the monotony of the White and giving you that spark that children need.

Details like the picture that is on the bed with multicolored elephant, the Garland of lights in the window, the cheerful quilt of colors, small carpet, or Black Star of the wall. A House simple, but full of corners that make it special, right?