An Apartment Full of Light in The Centre of Lund

Lund is one of the oldest Swedish cities, and today we’re going to this corner of Northern Europe for a apartment full of light It has been restored giving a completely modern look, despite being in a residential building of the year 1939.

The apartment has a very good distribution and a spacious living area. Precisely what most caught my attention this Nordic aires housing is its bright and spacious living room, a fireplace in the corner, the parquet floor in spike of fish and a few huge windows to make good use of light, under which there is an impressive cast iron radiator.

A sofa and a coffee table in white, a Desktop work area also in white and with a cosy touch of wood and a complement as a pouf in purple, a blanket in green or cushions striped in different colors end up giving life to the living room, along with some who wear the white walls and photographs which give the point’s gonna guard space.

The kitchen is another space in which turns the life of this apartment, with a dining area for four persons. Against the white furniture and tile, stands out in black soil and a modern red pendant lamp on the table to give the touch of color to this space.

Another thing that I have caught this apartment is without a doubt that he has two terraces to enjoy the short Swedish summer, with these warm white blankets, lanterns and the Nordic environment that have given.