An Apartment in Gothenburg Where The White Queen without Any Discussion

It’s finally Friday! Finally we have the clear skies and it seems that the weekend will be quiet in what at the time referred to. So we do the suitcases, and we go to Sweden, and more specifically to Gothenburg to learn this apartment with high ceilings in which white is the protagonist.

In fact, the only touches of color that we see in the apartment are wood parquet flooring and the Green that give some plants distributed by the apartment, where the floors, walls, beams and almost all of the furniture are white, reinforcing thus the luminosity that has the House thanks to all of the windows you have.

The House is located in an old restored building and built at the beginning of the 20th century. In it, as we can see in the drawing, especially highlights the great central space in which shared space area, most stuck to windows, the dining area, and kitchen.

In spite of sharing space, the truth is that different are quite well thanks to the shape that has the House, and the location of the room, which allows you to ‘fit’ the lounge area and partly to differentiate this space delimited. Precisely, to let light through to the dining area, the single room has a frosted glass door.

The kitchen is functional and practical with pure and straight lines, also highlighting by the white of the tiles on the floor, and by the Molde signature white furniture.

In addition, the House also has at the entrance a dressing room with lockers open that well could become a second bedroom for visits if necessary garantinzado the intimacy of the inhabitants of the House, since it is fully independent to be in the hall of the House, and the bathroom next door.

A beautiful and practical housing, and that it also has a spectacular terrace community for all the building right on the other side of the landing more can ask for?