An Apartment with a Wall of Glass to Separate Stays Good or Bad Idea?

On this so gray Sunday afternoon feel like staying at home watching rain on the couch under a blanket, with the computer and the tablet in hand, for Let us dream with houses full of charm and move even for a few minutes at other latitudes.

Today we’re going to Stockholm, the Swedish capital, to know this small apartment located in a building of the 1940s with a feature that stands out in the home: the existence of a glass wall to separate environments.

The transparent partition serves to separate the Hall from the apartment’s bedroom in a light way. Not to use with a division to use, with this separation of Crystal, which has two entrances for each side, It allows to give scope to both rooms decreasing the feeling of narrowness of the apartment.Although that Yes, there is no privacy in case of visits, and always have to be impeccable bedroom because here it does not close the door with the disorder.

Next to the space of the living area and bedroom, the other large area of this apartment is a kitchen, a space in which share protagonism the brick wall on the front panel, the dark furniture contrasting with the white wall of windows, and the large number of pots that put the Green touch to the stay. Some brass accessories give you the sophisticated touch to the kitchen, which also has a table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, given that in the room there is no hollow place.

Undoubtedly, glass wall helps give amplitude to the space, but it also implies less intimacy, especially in this case where there isn’t any door in this separation… Do you see more advantages or disadvantages to this solution?