‘Casa Camouflage’, Sustainable Homeownership, Modular and Wooden

The housing of the photo is called ‘ Camouflage ‘, really is a prototype designed by AGi architects, study directed by directed by Joaquín Pérez Goicoechea and Nasser Abulhasan but it is already on sale in Spain. The property has a total built area of 153,38 m2 and features a master bedroom with private bathroom, two bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, a bathroom in common use, a toilet for guests, kitchen, hallway and living room, i.e. that does not lack detail.

But the most important thing of this House, as well as the clear commitment to contemporary design, is that material that is built, mainly wood, are of high quality, although it is modular It builds quickly, can be customized to suit the client and can be described in sustainable. The housing is designed for integration into the landscape and specially designed for its location in natural surroundings.

Cover unifies the three volumes of which consists the central section of the House and that hand out are the different rooms. With the installation of a staircase that same cover also can take advantage and also the House can have two outdoor spaces, the porch of access, which can be used as parking, and stay. Even can be incorporated into the facade a metal structure to facilitate vegetation to climb by it, Hence the name of ‘Camouflage House’ that certainly is the most curious thing.

If you are interested we reported that the price per square meter of this House is 1400 euros. So the price of the whole House can range from the 220000 and 250,000 euros depending on the version you choose more basic or more comprehensive. As we said before the House is built of wood, which is a raw natural, clean, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable and has a great thermal insulation, natural cross-ventilation and passive solar protection of eaves and vegetable louvres on the basis to maximize their level of sustainability.