Completed Projects-Cultural Contest

I am very happy with this first blog contest, there’s no way to end the year better, many people participated and our jury was amazing and dedicated enough. My many thanks to you: Decius, Cecilia and Cristiane, they made a good choice and designs look great.

As I had shown you the winners now it’s time to unveil the project. There was a change in winners, Rodrigo was chosen, but didn’t answer the emails and lost the chance, so the other choice was Mariza. The project done by the architects is quite large, and so I will put the most essential parts, so you can check out how we did and still inspire with good ideas. Okay, so enough talk and let’s get to the projects.

Decius Navarro Project

Carla sent a text asking for a project to her room, she makes College in another city and want a cozy place and without spending a lot. Who did the design for it was the Decius, look at:

Analysis Of The Material:

The dorm room of good size has some features like window, door and Cabinet cannot be changed because it is property rental. The main change considered in project was the distribution of furniture. It is important that the work bench is facing the window and to the gateway.That brings more comfort and tranquility. According to Feng Shui theory, we can never get back to the entrance of the environment. Anyway is much better, whenever possible, we’re not facing the wall in time to study and work.

In this way, was created a headboard that extends through the wall giving a corner backrest to bed that is also the function of a couch. So setorizamos the space in two areas: rest and living and working. On the desktop, in addition to the desk, there will be a side shelf to store boxes, books and Office stuff. Behind the desk, the head removed from the bed is painted, will receive and then hooks shall be fixed upside down. Next to her a mirror to turn into a kind of clothes rack/player.

Under the window, modules or boxes, painted make a visual support for the window and still supports the TV, DVD players, audio and etc. Keep still books, vases and objects. About the window, two blinds allow you to open the Windows when raised or hide the window to give warmth to the room-living room. The TV set should be in the row below the window to be able to open it without difficulty. The front door should be installed a mirror inside the recessed part. The door and the wall around it should receive a stronger tone to mark well the lobby.

Near the back of the wall give air cushions to sofa bed. On the wall above the couch a composition of frames complete the atmosphere.Between the bed and the modules under the window a high wooden bench serves in support of chandelier. Three lights, one on the desk, the second on the bench top, and the other in the old bedside mobile (painted) will give a nicer atmosphere to-lighting environment.

Cristiane Tamburri Project

As last brienfing by Julia, who said he never had a room decoration and only bed, wardrobe and desk. But she would really like that the room had a nice decorating without spending a lot.

Analysis Of The Material:

The focus is to give personality and insert elements and eclectic store. First let the walls with a shade of off-white or white with a slight shade of gray or radicalize and paint with clear turquoise and leave the furniture of course. Will not be swapped the existing furniture, for that will give a new face with colors and finishes. To eliminate the bed headboard, and it painted in white to give lightness. To the head I suggest making a new with a whole other element, like the use of “rubber Matting”.This element will give personality to the environment, female and striking. The desk seem new, but she destoara the new design of the environment. For it in context and be modern you will need to have a base with a clear and colored drawers, like the first, the second pink turquoise and pink niche internal. This will be the color palette for the room.

The tube television steals a lot of space and it would be ideal to exchange for a LCD or LED, to be fixed on the wall and make it part of the layout along with the mirrors, frames and niches that wall. On the same wall where the niches for storing books, objects, dvd, etc, will also have hooks to hang your purse, jacket or accessories.The mirror beside the desk served to do makeup.

The door can be painted the same color as the wall, making her disappear and enlarge the room. You can also install behind door a perforated Panel and put hooks and do your door earrings, necklaces, etc. I can’t leave out the walk of dogs vinyls and decoration items that appear in the picture and is part of this intimate environment both Julia and the pets. To do this put a nightstand to support the lamp for reading and supporting books and cell phone, but also leaves them protected as if it were a part of the environment.

Cecilia War Project:

The yard under cover of Mariza has played host to many games of children. Today, the kids have grown and the resident would like to transform the environment in an area to watch TV and receive the friends.

Analysis Of The Material:

The space features generous measures and two right foot heights: highest in the Center and lower on the sides due to the fall from the roof. The furniture were distributed in such a way as to create two integrated environments: TV room and dinner. A bench made in masonry and coated with vinyl ether wood pattern floor limits the area of
Garden and makes sometimes rack. Tall plants are inside this space that leverages the existing drain to drain the water from the irrigation. In front of the dorm room window comes a masonry wall that will receive the TV and have an air of Panel.

The junction of TV wall and tall plants will help camouflage the window—creating a nice looking for whoever is in the room without interfering with the ventilation of the environment. The Bank with 40 cm of height supports devices (dvd, decoder, etc) and decorative objects. The couch was strategically positioned so that you can watch tv and talk to who’s table. The modules allow you to have a sofa in L or two spacious chaises longue, providing comfort to the residents and visitors. Below the narrow window on the couch, a shelf to the limit to put plants and objects. The function of this composition is disguise the view from the roof of the neighbor and bring greener for the environment, another resident’s desire.

Next to the couch a scale is used as a side table that in days of full House can become one more seat. Two poufs in the center of the room bring colorful environment and serve as support. In the area of the dinner, bookshelves in ladder format receive books and more plants. The table for six places is ideal for pizza and to make space the new heart of the House. To say grace at the table can use Woody base 6 chairs of the same color with different formats. With sidebar, two iron shelves are home to some dishes that can go to the table at mealtime. The larger Windows Blinds translucidas that will receive the new privacy room.

I love the designs, I hope our winners like it enough and you reader, too.

If you like and want to do a project on your home contact designers, super nominate their job and think you’ve realized because right.