Frame Tumbling Blocks

At the time of decorating the house is always good to give that personal touch with designs in the style of “Do it yourself”, that object special hand-made with all the care and affection that transform a house into a home!

Frame Tumbling Blocks

So, today the ArquiDicas selected this framework, magnificent, made with Tumbling Blocks, easy to do and with a contemporary design to complement the décor of the living room or bedroom. Let’s learn to do?


Você vai precisar de:

  • Uma tela branca quadrada de 45 cm ou 60 cm;
  • 1 rolo de fita adesiva decorativa preta;
  • 1 rolo de fita adesiva decorativa branca;
  • 1 rolo de fita adesiva decorativa xadrez;
  • Régua Triangular de 25 cm a 30 cm;
  • Régua Metálica de 30 cm;
  • Estilete;
  • Scissors;
  • Pencil;
  • The surface of the court.


  1. Align the 3 ribbons glued in a cut surface in the following way, start with the black tape, then white and finish with black again.
  2. Mark the edge of the tape to 60 degrees using the ruler triangular to measure with the ruler the metal and the stylus cutting the edge in this angle.
  3. In parallel with the edge inclined to continue making appointments with the same width of the tape to the ara that they are perfect squares, then passing the knife over the markings.
  4. Do the same with the tape checkered, align the 3 ribbons in the following way > chess, white chess, cut at 60 degrees to the edge and repeat the markings for cutting strips in the shape of a diamond.
  5. Carefully remove piece by piece cut with the help of the stylus and mount your cube viewed as in the figure below, by joining the edges carefully.
  6. After you make several equal parts, align them side-by-side in the lower part of the frame, leaving an edge left over to do the finishing. Repeat the process until you close the frame completely. Look for lean as well as to the parts so as not to leave voids between them.
  7. Fold the scraps over the side of the frame and finish with the black tape and scissors to make the folds perfect.
  8. Now just choose the best place to leave your table, next to a sideboard in a room with another larger table, making a composition nice as in the picture, or hung on the wall.
  9. The colors of adhesive tape, decorative may be different, just use creativity to create the Tumbling Blocks, and if you don’t have the ruler, triangular in shape, going to the game of squaring the same, and a ruler to measure!

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