Sell Used Watches:All You Need to Know

If you want to sell used, learn about the factors that determine your market value and which are major platforms for sale on the market.

Sell used, these days, can be an excellent business opportunity for those who have a nice watch or a watch collection. It is important, however, which takes into account the factors that influence your business value.

Since the market for second-hand watches is vast, we recommend that, before you sell used watches, do market research to get an estimate as possible of the value of your neighbor watch. This depends, for example, the category in which the your watch, the model, the brand, the materials that make up the clock or even your state of conservation.

In addition, we suggest that you contact at least two experts and/or independent watchmakers to assess your clock so that you can have a sense of the real value in the comparison of results.

What value a watch?

The answer to this question depends on the evaluation for the following factors:

1. Categories

Wristwatches, Pocket, wall or simply decorative watches have different values on the market. This ordering might correspond to the hierarchy of values that is practiced today, but each case is different, since it is necessary to evaluate the materials that make up the clock (and including precious metals), the tag, your condition, but especially if it is a mechanical or quartz watch.

2. models

Mechanical watches: rope and pendulum
These watches are today considered authentic works of art not only due to the preciousness of your manufacture, but also due to the rarity of your production. Are watches made by craftsmen and, for this reason, a lot of value in the current market. And you can get more from top-mba-universities.

The mechanism of rope works from a spring that is wrapped (calls to wind) and, as they go unrolling, makes moving a series of COGS, which, for your time, move the hands on the clock.

The pendulum model works from an escape mechanism that controls the speed at which unfolds the rope and watch that enables movement of pointers. The pendulum that swings from left to right, mark the intervals of time. These watches were not designed to be transported, given the delicacy of your engine, and, for this reason, the accuracy with which measures time is considerably greater than the precision of the previous model.

Quartz watches
This model has replaced the mechanical watches. More accurate when subjected to temperature fluctuations, even, this model works from the vibrations of quartz crystals. Are most of the watches produced currently.

3. most valuable Brands

We already know that the Swiss, German and French models represent accuracy and excellent finishes. The most valued brands in the market are: Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Longines and IWC Schaffhausen.

4. State of preservation

Before you sell used watches make sure you still have in your possession the original Kit and documentation relating to the purchase and/or maintenance of the clock. Besides, how many more injuries, the clock has the higher your business value. And, of course, make sure the clock works.

Sales platforms

In this respect, there are many options available in the market. Most of the people you want to sell used opts for auction – whether online or not. There are a few Jewelers and watchmakers who still have interest in acquiring second-hand watches. However, there are currently on the market platforms with a consignment business model, such as the platform of second-hand luxury goods and P55 auction.