A Spectacular Penthouse in The Plant 82 of a Building in Melbourne

If you like heights, living far away from Spain and you have in your pocket the chilling figure of EUR 15 million, perhaps can’t afford you the luxury of purchasing this Spectacular penthouse on the floor of a Melbourne building 82.

In number 7 of the Riverside Quay Avenue of this Australian city rises challenging the Eureka Tower, a stunning 91 plants and skyscrapers 556 apartments is almost 300 meters. And among these 556 apartments there is one that stands out especially, an attic that has been called Eureka 82.

Located in the plant 82 This building – hence the name you have given to the attic, this apartment has 360-degree view, since it occupies virtually the entire plant. And in fact, as you can see in the photos, there are some views of infarction over the skyline of Melbourne, and over the ocean and the mountains that surround the city.

The apartment has been designed by the Studio of architects Fender Katsalidis, with the collaboration of the interior designers of Fitt of Felice and Molecule Studio. And the result could not be less spectacular. Input, to enjoy the incredible views that enjoy those who buy are this Attica, the walls are completely glass. In the end, so I want a wall on which to hang a picture if I have the footballer Ocean backdrop…

To enjoy these views, the walls are completely glass. Inside, Italian marble floors, luxury, as this fabulous dining table made furniture by hand and that can sit up to 20 guests.

Other features of this apartment is the large amount of open space there is to allow moving tenants without strain, moving the breadth of the landscape that looks on the outside to the inside of the apartment.

To all this we must add a Jacuzzi in a corner to contemplate the exceptional views while you give you works of contemporary art, five fireplaces ecological design, bathroom, a cellar in which fit hsta 1,300 bottles, or one kitchen design and with views that would kill more than one…