An Apartment 30 Years Completely Renovated in Barcelona

The tiles with drawings are the most representative of the original design of this apartment in Barcelona in 1930. The apartment has been restored by Adrian Elizalde, student of architecture from the school of architecture of Barcelona. He has renovated and reconfigured the interior space of dwelling in ruins, achieving a surprising interior.

The main objective of Elizalde was open space of 70 square meters, the Elimination of the interior walls to create a luminous apartment with an area of open-plan and two bedroom. The apartment had the typical distribution of the ancient dwellings in Barcelona, with many rooms subdivided and different layers of materials on each other, accumulated over the years.

So the first thing was to go eliminating all those layers to reach the traditional elements of construction as: tiled floors, vaulted ceilings and original woodwork. The now painted white, they serve to enhance the natural light and give uniformity to the project, making highlight the floor tiles and their colors.

Due to budgetary constraints, is kept the original location of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in the rear of the property, but with fully renovated space, so the biggest changes have taken place in the living room and master bedroom.

A lounge with large open plan dining room they are in the front of the House, where a large window and a balcony overlooking the street. The distribution is now much simpler than the original housing.

On one side of the living room, industrial-style lamps hanging from a white domed roof a clear three metres long wooden table. Behind it, a Bank of five meters in length runs along the entire length of the room and serves as a seat and shelf and storage space.

In addition to the bedroom and the living room, there are other interesting details to highlight as the section of glass above the door, facing the dining area, which allows natural light filter in the bedroom from the window of the room.

To my truth is that I like very much the result, seems very original and I love the fact of that the original floors that give it a great personality have respected to the housing. And you, what think?