Before and after a Classical and Elegant Apartment in Madrid

The changes that we see in the before and after, always encourage us to carry out reforms at home… do you also happens to you? When show us a floor in full change, with bricks in the air, rooms with old, dirty, windows spaces without specific form, at first it seems impossible that all that chaos can finish well.

However, the projects end up gaining color, as it is the case in the before and after of this classic and elegant apartment in Madrid. A striking reform, which transforms the 245-square-meter plant in bright spaces, spacious rooms and a House with a timeless design.

The living room is an open space, in which the protagonist area is the part of couches, where a great fireplace has been located. No doubt, both the moldings, as the florets of the ceiling will help highlight the classic elegance housing.

The living room opens to an intermediate space where you have located the dining area. A wide table along with its classic-style chairs and a painting in the background, are the protagonists of the stay. In the background, two sliding doors (brilliant style which give the area) give way to the kitchen.

The kitchen is the kind that I love: fusion of modern furniture with character details and chic design. The classic ceiling rosette and the mural in the background, create a feeling sophisticated and unique kitchen.

The industrial touch of the library of the House, no doubt, It is the “unforgettable” part of the housing. Steal you the heart that library of iron, with the (very ingenious) solution of drawers for storage under the stairs. Luminous, full of charm and a hydraulic floor which gives it a lot of personality.

Already had he confessed I that I love free-standing bathtubs? They are one of my weaknesses in decoration. This bath with tile tiled and retro black and white is very, very elegant. It is in keeping with the DECO of the rest of the House, do not you think?
When we see a major reform of this type, it seems that anything is possible. In the time that run, update our homes renewing what has become outdated, It is certainly a way of living in a place that you like and with a budget much smaller that buy new housing.