Books of Decoration… Taking Advantage of Rebates

It is true that with access to the Internet and the amount of apps on decoration each time we buy less decor books. I don’t know if it happens to you, but to see so many images in so many Blogs and various sites often wonder: where to see it?

In addition, acknowledge that to my paper like me and view details thousand times and is not the same, so I love to buy books of decoration and taking advantage of bids offered by January with rebates I am going to comment on what books I’ve seen that they are worth.

The Publisher Taschen It is one of my favorites, the world of the art and decoration at a great price. I was waiting for the write-down of its dramatic volume “100 interiors world around”, which usually costs around 40 euros and you can get on the editorial page for 19.99 euros… to the cart!

From the same Publisher, for lovers of the New York interiors, We can get “New New York Interiors” by some reasonable 29 euros.Como still I have it in my possession, I leave the editorial review:

New York has been long been a magnet for artists, and since September 11, the city has become less commercial and more creative, with an influence unprecedented graphic designers, designers of interiors, artists, gallery owners and collectors. On the other side of the River from Manhattan, modern and more affordable for such as Williamsburg Brooklyn neighborhoods, they offer a suitable quality of life away from the vertiginous pace. Carefully chosen by the editor Angelika Taschen, this great new collection of Interior explores a selection of homes as dizzying as the diversity of the own New Yorkers. A look at the apartments of the artist Terence Koh, the artist and director Julian Schnabel, musician Rufus Wainwright, the diva of sex Vanessa del Rio and actress Julianne Moore – among others – it gives us an idea of the multiple and wonderful lifestyles that they like to the New Yorkers.

Finally, but not least, the new edition of “Interiors now”,(y van tres, a cada cual mejor) which introduces us to 34 private homes of celebrities from the world of art, film and design, (again I quote the editorial) from the New York loft of photographers Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, with its covering of walnut and cosy corners to the House style Eames 2.0, up to the gentle Idyll of Jacques Grange with the majestic palazzo of Francis Ford Coppola in the South of Italy or the apartment of the art dealer Michael Fuchs in an old Jewish female College of Berlin from the 1930’s, the spaces have been selected as expressions of personal taste which, together, provide an overview of the latest trends in the field of home decoration.

Change of editorial and another that we can not pass is the Thames & Hudson. Well edited, great images and themes that will leave us amazed. “China Contemporary” offers us a vision of the Asian giant from the point of view of the interior design. Current and dynamic, 34 interiors where surprised how China’s economic growth translates into high decoration. You have at your disposal for 24 pounds, which change are 32 eurytus.

Other interesting volumes are The Scandinavian Home, Baltic Homes, Neoclassicism in the North, where we can see what mentioned about the fusion of past and present in the Nordic designs, or The Swedish Country House, all between 24 and 35 pounds, is between 32 and 46 euros, rounding out a little. Well, this editorial has enough, so it depends on your tastes, there are enough envelope Mediterranean design,French, Italian… English, obviously, both traditional and modern.

And finally the book I’m looking for since I heard of its existence, but not discounted meeting in any site, the master of the Spanish interior design Jaime Parladé, with photographs of Ricardo Labougle and Derry Moore of Ediciones El Viso, a very exclusive publisher dedicated to the world of art.

What are your favorite books of decoration and interior design?