Box Spring Bed with Bed Box Part I

Box Spring Bed with Bed Box Part I

Box spring beds with bed boxes combine the advantages of an extremely comfortable sleeping system with those of a storage bed . We present the different versions of the box spring bed with bed box, examine the advantages and disadvantages of this bed solution and provide you with an answer to the question “How useful are such beds?”.

Introduction: box spring beds with bed boxes

In particular when furnishing narrow apartments or smaller bedrooms, the question often arises of how to use the space in the best possible way. With regard to the choice of beds, the so-called storage space beds are ideal. With the storage beds, the otherwise “wasted” space below the lying surface is used functionally. Storage beds are available in many different variants and designs, with solid wood beds and upholstered beds also available. For some years now, beds with a box spring structure have also been available, which offer additional storage space as a functional added value.

Definitions from the Duden:

Box spring bed, the
“bed in which the mattress lies on a relatively high underframe
into which one or more layers of bed springs are built”

Bed box, the
“box under a bed or a sofa bed for storing bedding”

Box spring beds are highly comfortable lying systems that are characterized by a multi-part structure. The biggest difference to the conventional bed is that a box serves as the spring base for the mattress, which in turn has a spring core. With normal beds, the mattress base is traditionally made by a slatted frame. Box spring beds in the so-called Scandinavian structure also have an additional thin mattress, which is known as a topper and, as the last component of the box spring structure, rests on top of the actual mattress of the bed (see also: Everything you need to know about the topper ).

The bedding box was originally primarily used to store bedding consisting of blankets and pillows when the bed was not in use. Nowadays, the bed box is used to store many different things, for example the summer or winter collection of clothing that is not needed for seasonal reasons can find its place in the bed box. Classic bed boxes are often one of the features of upholstered beds, where they can be reached by folding up the slatted frame (see also: What are upholstered beds? ).

The box spring bed with bed box is characterized by a two- to three-part structure consisting of a spring core box and mattress or a spring core box, mattress and topper as well as additional storage space.

Variants – differences in execution

There is now a wide range of storage box spring beds in various designs. The models can be roughly divided into beds with a classic bed box with access by opening the lying surface and beds in an alternative construction with modified bed boxes.

A rough overview of the different bed box solutions for the box spring bed:

  • Box spring bed with a large bed box underneath the entire lying area:
    • to open at the foot end
    • to be opened laterally
  • Box spring bed with drawer or drawers integrated in the lower bed frame:
    • recessed on the sides of the bed (e.g. one large, full-length drawer or two half-width drawers)
    • let in at the foot of the bed
  • Box spring bed with bed box in the foot section or additional storage space bed bench for the foot end
  • Box spring beds with plenty of floor clearance (high bed legs) and a separate bed box on castors / under-bed chest of drawers

Advantages of box spring beds with bed boxes

Regardless of which type of storage box spring bed was chosen, all bed models are characterized by an additional storage area. The space available or the use of the available space in the bedroom is therefore improved by a box spring bed with a bed box, which is a clear advantage.

Another advantage of such a bed is clearly the comfort structure with box, mattress and, if necessary, topper. One of the hallmarks of this type of bed is the greater height due to the design, which makes getting in and out of the bed particularly easy.

Box spring beds with a bed box completely below the lying surface do not require more space than a conventional (box spring) bed, which is an advantage in small bedrooms. In the case of bed models with bed boxes, which are accessible by folding up the box, mattress and, if necessary, topper, you should choose the installation location carefully. In rooms with sloping ceilings, access to the bed box could be restricted if the bed is set up with the headboard on the knee of a slope.

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