Buying Water Beds

Buying Water Beds

Prices of water beds

As with almost all things in everyday life and especially furniture, it is also the case with waterbeds that there is a wide range of manufacturers, models, qualities and prices. Compared to a conventional bed system with slatted frame and mattress, a water bed does not necessarily have to be more expensive, which of course also depends on how much you expect for the conventional complete bed. If you start from the cheapest components, you shouldn’t expect too much when it comes to ergonomic body positioning and relaxed, restful sleep.

Inexpensive waterbeds with the simplest equipment are offered for around 500.00 €. There is hardly any upper limit. Anyone who has read our article in its entirety or has dealt intensively with the topic of waterbeds will quickly determine the decisive differences when studying the offers and thus be able to get an exact picture of the price segment in which a waterbed suitable for their needs can be found.

Waterbed accessories

The question “What do you need for a waterbed?” Can be answered in such a way that, in principle, identical components are required for bed equipment as with conventional bed systems (see: Bed equipment for water beds ). For the care and maintenance of the bed you should also have a ventilation pump, waterbed conditioner and a vinyl cleaner or vinyl care product on hand.

Priming pump

A vent pump or vent pump is used to remove excess air from the water mattress. Air can build up in the water mattress for various reasons. With the help of this special pump you can simply let it escape through the filling nozzle of the mattress. With many waterbeds, a ventilation pump is already included in the scope of delivery, so that no separate purchase is required. See also: Air in the water bed

Hair conditioner

The waterbed conditioner or conditioner is a care product for the water in the mattress of the bed. The main components in waterbed conditioners are so-called “quaternary ammonium compounds”, which are characterized by a disinfecting effect and are therefore also counted among the biocides. Which almost answers the question “What does the conditioner do in the waterbed?”: The job of the conditioner is to keep the water free of germs and algae and therefore fresh.

Conditioner is added when the water bed is filled for the first time and then “refilled” once a year (see: Water care in the water bed ).

Buying tips

Finally, we will deal with questions such as “What do I have to consider when buying a waterbed?” Or “How do I find the right waterbed?” And summarize some important pointers again:

When it comes to the quality and life expectancy of waterbeds, the most important thing is the quality of the vinyl film and its processing. In a high-quality waterbed, the safety tub is usually made of the same material as the water mattress.

If the waterbed is to be set up in a bedroom with mains isolation, one should make sure that the waterbed heater has a digital controller, which can be brought into “harmony” with the mains isolation. Alternatively, this can also be achieved by using a battery-operated timer.

The material and design of the top plate or cover should suit your needs and be washable at at least 60 ° C. The size of the top plate should ideally be such that it can also be washed in the washing machine at home. In the case of dual systems, a divisible top plate is the first choice.

When choosing the size of the waterbed, the larger the lying area or the more water under the body, the better for a comfortable lying feeling and a restful sleep. For this reason, the available space in the bedroom should definitely be used. As a minimum, the length of the water mattress (effective lying length, with the softside waterbed, space is lost through the foam wedges) should correspond to your own height plus ten centimeters. If the length is insufficient, the user may no longer lie with his head and feet on the water mattress but on the foam edge. The result is a kind of bridge-like body position with two points of support (foam edge), with the rest of the body “sagging” in the water mattress. Ergonomic positioning with correct positioning of the spine is no longer possible.

Water bed or another sleeping system?

Anyone who is generally looking for a new bed or sleeping system and has not yet decided on a waterbed will ask themselves questions such as “What is better, waterbed or box spring bed?”, “Waterbed or mattress, which is better?” Or ” What is better, a water bed or a normal bed? ”

Buying Water Beds