Cubitat, a Whole House in a Single Cube. Will It Be The Homes of The Future as Well?

The form of furnish the houses has changed a lot in recent years, especially in the living room that formerly had a huge Cabinet occupying a whole wall, including TV and library including many things and that now has been replaced by much lighter parts often modular. However, although other styles and with more versatility, we continue filling the House with furniture everywhere.

Other options when creating a home, are possible and this is demonstrated by us Luca Nichetto and Urban Capital with its proposal to Cubitat, presented at the Interior Design Show in Toronto at the end of last month. It’s a cube in which are contained all the environments that we need in a House: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and storage spaces.

The bedroom comes with its bed is extracted from the cube out, and with a series of shelves in which is included, among other things, the TV. Obviously the cube need ample space in which place it, because as some of its parts are deployed, they occupy more space, but we must recognize that in order to furnish open housing, the idea cannot be simpler.

Storage space is not lacking, one side of the cube has been configured as a wardrobe so we put inside everything you want, it is not smaller than the Cabinet than any of us have in our room and also having storage space rather restricted often helps us to not build up things we don’t really need and invites us to stay only with what if we use and that is really important for us.

One of the most curious is that we see in the photo above, which is on the one hand the washer and on the other a door that gives access to the bathroom Obviously it is hidden on the inside of the bucket because it is the space that needs a greater intimacy and privacy. I can doubt the topic of water connections, which obviously have to take them to the place where will be placed the bucket and there can be complicated.

And we ended up with the kitchen, It is perhaps the least surprising because we have already seen many times ideas of compact kitchens that may be similar to this proposal. The kitchen is perfectly functional and has all the appliances and also storage space so we can use it comfortably in our day to day. Only would have to complement it with a dining table for serving dishes.

My at a functional level it seems a fantastic idea. We have already seen some other ideas in which housing was structured around a bin that contained part of the rooms in the home, but as compact as this, I don’t remember. The theme is decorative level I think that it may be a bit boring because it gives less game that loose parts when making changes and renew furniture.

Some are committed because the dwellings of the future can go in this direction and that a simple and practical way of furnish large and open spaces that have been growing in popularity in our days, can be with large complex, complete and compact modules like these. I do not know can reach this trend or not, but I think that if so, still it will take much to settle. And you, how see you? can you imagine so the houses of the future?