Do You Dare You with Intense Colors? Be Inspired by This House of The Twentieth Century at Wimbledon

Since the Nordic style trend is here to stay to our lives, white has become the main protagonist of decoration in the majority of the houses and other colors have been left with a secondary role. And eye that my I love white, it is fresh, clean, bright, combines well with all materials and supports all kinds of accessories, but is also true that colourful environments fill me with energy.

One of the houses that I like the most are full of color It is that of the photos from this article, known as Rogers House because it was designed by architects Richard and his Rogers in the 20th century at the end of the 1960s. Impressed by the colors, but also by its architecture, as you can see in the image above the building is the most curious. But let’s see how their environments are once inside.

We started our tour by the living room which includes a seating area and dining as we can see in the photo above. Here it is already clear which are the main characteristics of the environments in this House, the intense colors and the contrasts of forms. All seats are different and between the tones with more relevance we have green, various shades of pink, blue and the other side yellow

From this other angle, also in the Hall we can see that wide area in yellow color which is in fact the kitchen. The kitchen is integrated in the living room, but own furniture made of separators to give each room a certain independence.

And here’s the detail of the kitchen in the living room and a yellow intense. A warm tone as the yellow contrast with the coldness of steel appliances. The kitchen is perfectly functional but somewhat narrow and leaves plenty of free space for a large room in which is passed the greater part of the time.

From within the bedroom, It is from which is taken the photo on these lines, you can see the living room. In reality, almost all are open spaces and room and bedroom are separated by a wall of glass and the wooden wardrobe we can see in the photo and provide some privacy.

And here we have the view of the bedroom from the living room. Although I confess that both glass around the bed I do not convince me to live, otherwise the decor of the bedroom and I love the chosen colours. Here if there is something white and natural wood which makes it a warm and welcoming space and less weight the intense tones to make a more relaxing space.

In the House There is a second kitchen, In addition to the yellow that we’ve seen before, I understand that associated with an area of work which we will see later. The truth is that I like almost more than the other, this is smaller and more collected and has included dining area, but is also very welcoming.

The bathroom is very minimal, Although it has its contrasts of materials and details of color as the lid of the toilet in red, as well as design accessories such as the towel radiator, which I love.

The House also has a work area as before, I said. Actually it is more than that, it’s a great office in which several people can work comfortably and in which intense colors are still the major players. Already many would like to have an office so functional and practical in which to work with comfort.