Doors Open: Separating Environments Up to Eleven, in a Small Apartment, with Wood

The space must never be a limitation when creating environments. Up to Eleven different can easily fit into a 64 square metres with a clever use of an open living room that includes an addition modular L shape that divides and at the same time unifies the different rooms.

SINATO, a Tokyo-based architectural firm, He has demonstrated this renovating an apartment in the 1980s to increase the natural light and cross-ventilation. To achieve this they have been used a very curious and original strategy in which the wood is one of the main protagonists.

The bedroom and dressing room were placed at both sides of a load-bearing wall existing, while the new partition in an L-shape divided areas private open space to maintain a visual connection between the windows facing South and the back of the apartment.

The bedroom connects to the rest of the House, but at the same time you have the privacy you need. In small apartments many divisions done losing useful meters, but some are essential to maintain privacy in specific areas.

The partition It also acts as a piece of great size that has integrated several furniture, It provides seating surfaces, shelves and drawers. The use of space and resources is clearly optimized in this House.

The Eleven spaces defined within this small apartment They include the entrance, two living areas, kitchen, dining room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a sink, a toilet and up to a storage room.

Along with wood, plants that decorate the entire apartment make sure it is full of life and with nature taking a leading role in its interior. Perhaps I would add also some touches of color, but I recognise that the set is really harmonious and that all the rooms in this small apartment look very nice.

Light colors make the light to be reflected and that the spaces seem larger. At the same time the wood contrasts with those neutrals and it makes the whole of the apartment much warmer.