East Penthouse of Style Ecclectic, Essence Classic and Furniture of Design Os Goes to Surprise

Create a more modern and full of light can be simple if appropriate strategies are applied: a new distribution, a well selected color palette or adequate design furniture can help considerably. These are the premises that Laura Yerpes Studio of Interior design carried out the reform of a downtown penthouse in Valencia you show today in Decoesfera.

Before the reform was a large dwelling, of almost 200 square meters, but with plenty of space lost because of a few little functional antique furniture and a certain claustrophobic feeling enhanced by paneled wood and dark colors on the walls… Obviously the owners wanted a change of radical decor that enhance all the qualities that the House could offer and go if they did!

One of the first changes that were made with the reform was Open a shortcut from the hall to the terrace before it there was no. This mode is not only got a greater amount of light, but it also managed to have more space into the housing and, of course, a better accessibility to the terrace. Above the exit to the terrace was made from the living room and was much more uncomfortable.

Natural light of this House is enhanced by the range of colors selected for ceilings and walls: White and Pearl gray that counteract the intensity of the Red alicante marble soils that are originals and were only polished to get more brightness. The inlet design furniture have been made to measure as well as decorative panels with geometric mouldings and other part that stands out is the inlet which is spectacular design lamp.

The classic style and the inherited antique furniture were the protagonists in this attic before the reform. The walls were lined with dark wood panels and that subtracted space and above all plenty of light to all. Now in the living room ceilings in shades of gray and white moldings are combined in perfect harmony with the Pearl Grey walls of the stay.

Living room furniture, created a cosy reading room with two comfortable chairs strategically placed and designed a bookcase embedded between the window and a pillar to improve storage. Is they have combined many elements of different styles in a balanced way: old books, some sculptures or previous decoration pictures, not to be missed for its sentimental value, were integrated into the new environment with some changes as, for example, the framework in the case of pictures.

Also providing Hall is lightened luminosity and prominence to their walls with highest Sockets, cleared up woodwork and doors flush and higher. Gets so a much more polished and diaphanous aspect as you can see in the images.

The original housing the intense colour of the walls as well as the amount of frames hanging from them or the dark woodwork in doors made corridor a small, dark space. Now have been modernised many elements, such as the hardware of the doors that are equipped with a stylish aluminum handles a famous German brand which blend perfectly with modern applique also design.

At last in the bedroom it has created a space of futuristic inspiration It has a small nod to the previous design. As you can see it has adapted a classic furniture, COMMODE which was in perfect condition, and which now merges with the new style of housing.

So what we have is a good example for inspire us in the eclectic style in this bright penthouse combining pieces of design with classic elements. Basically, the trick is to learn to properly coordinate styles, furniture and colors traditional pieces will catch up to the day with a more modern and futuristic decor. Parts which in this case are mainly from companies such as: Grasoller, Bandalux, Pilma, Aromas, Cattelan or Paper’s.

Do not you think a very striking combination? To my I love how they have solved it, especially considering that the eclectic style is one of the most difficult handle.