Geography of Lamoille County, Vermont

Lamoille County, located in the northern part of Vermont, is a region of picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and outdoor recreational opportunities. From the lush forests of the Green Mountains to the winding rivers and serene lakes, the county offers a diverse range of geographical features and natural attractions. This comprehensive overview will explore the geography, climate, rivers, lakes, and other prominent features of Lamoille County, providing insight into its unique charm and environmental significance. Check bittranslators to learn more about the state of Vermont.


Green Mountains:

Lamoille County is situated within the Green Mountains, a prominent mountain range that extends the length of Vermont. The Green Mountains are characterized by their forested slopes, rugged terrain, and scenic vistas, providing a stunning backdrop to the county’s landscape. Notable peaks within Lamoille County include Mount Mansfield, the highest point in Vermont, and Smugglers’ Notch, a narrow mountain pass known for its dramatic cliffs and winding road.

Lamoille River Valley:

The Lamoille River flows through the heart of Lamoille County, meandering from its headwaters in northern Vermont to its confluence with the Winooski River near the town of Waterbury. The river and its tributaries traverse fertile farmland, forested hillsides, and quaint villages, providing habitat for fish, wildlife, and vegetation. The Lamoille River Valley is an important agricultural region, with dairy farming, crop cultivation, and maple syrup production contributing to the local economy and rural way of life.


Stowe, often referred to as the “Ski Capital of the East,” is a popular tourist destination located in Lamoille County. Nestled at the foot of Mount Mansfield, Stowe is renowned for its world-class skiing and snowboarding at Stowe Mountain Resort. In addition to its winter sports, Stowe offers year-round recreational opportunities, including hiking, mountain biking, and leaf-peeping in the fall. The town’s picturesque village center features historic buildings, charming shops, and gourmet restaurants, attracting visitors from across the country and around the world.

Sterling Pond:

Sterling Pond, located near the summit of Smugglers’ Notch in Lamoille County, is a pristine alpine lake nestled amidst the rugged cliffs and spruce-fir forests of the Green Mountains. The pond offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and provides a peaceful setting for picnicking, fishing, and nature observation. Hiking trails leading to Sterling Pond offer opportunities for exploration and adventure, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of Vermont’s wilderness up close.

Craftsbury Outdoor Center:

The Craftsbury Outdoor Center, situated in the northeastern part of Lamoille County, is a premier destination for outdoor recreation and athletic training. The center offers year-round activities such as cross-country skiing, rowing, cycling, and running, attracting athletes and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. The center’s extensive trail network, scenic lakes, and state-of-the-art facilities make it a popular destination for training camps, races, and recreational retreats.



Lamoille County experiences a humid continental climate, with cold, snowy winters and warm, humid summers. Average temperatures range from the single digits in winter to the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit in summer. Temperature extremes can occur, with occasional cold snaps in winter and heatwaves in summer, particularly in lower-lying areas.


Precipitation in Lamoille County is evenly distributed throughout the year, with an average annual rainfall of around 40 to 50 inches. The majority of precipitation falls in the form of snow during the winter months, contributing to the county’s reputation as a winter sports destination. Spring and summer often see periods of increased rainfall, with thunderstorms and occasional downpours providing relief from the summer heat.


Lamoille County receives abundant snowfall during the winter months, thanks to its location in the Green Mountains and proximity to the Canadian border. Snowstorms can bring significant accumulations of snow, creating ideal conditions for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. The county’s ski resorts, including Stowe Mountain Resort and Smugglers’ Notch Resort, benefit from the region’s reliable snowfall, attracting visitors seeking fresh powder and challenging terrain.

Economic Activities:


Tourism is a major economic driver in Lamoille County, thanks to its scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, and cultural attractions. Visitors come to the county year-round to enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities in the Green Mountains and along the Lamoille River. The county’s charming villages, historic sites, and local events, such as the Stowe Arts Festival and the Craftsbury Marathon, also attract tourists seeking cultural experiences and relaxation in a picturesque setting.


Agriculture is an important industry in Lamoille County, with farmers cultivating crops such as hay, corn, and vegetables on the county’s fertile soils. Dairy farming is particularly prevalent, with numerous dairy farms dotting the landscape and contributing to Vermont’s reputation as a leading dairy-producing state. Maple syrup production is also a significant part of the county’s agricultural heritage, with sugarhouses tapping maple trees in the spring to produce Vermont’s famous maple syrup.

Outdoor Recreation:

Outdoor recreation plays a central role in the economy of Lamoille County, with opportunities for skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, and more attracting visitors and residents alike. Ski resorts, outdoor centers, and recreational outfitters provide services and facilities to support outdoor activities year-round, contributing to the county’s reputation as a premier destination for adventure and relaxation in Vermont’s scenic countryside.


Lamoille County, Vermont, offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, outdoor adventure, and rural charm, making it a cherished destination for residents and visitors alike. Whether skiing down the slopes of Stowe, hiking through the forests of the Green Mountains, or savoring the flavors of Vermont’s local cuisine, visitors to Lamoille County are sure to be enchanted by its timeless appeal and warm hospitality. As a gateway to the wonders of Vermont’s countryside, Lamoille County invites exploration and discovery, offering endless opportunities for adventure, relaxation, and connection with nature in one of New England’s most picturesque regions.