Hama AG-300:the Wall Clock that Tells Us Time

January is the first month of the year but also the cold, flu and colds.It is also the time of year when, when we start the day, we are more likely to ask those who have risen if it is cold on the street.In order to never leave the house without knowing what to wear in order to face the temperatures outside, Hama has developed a wall clock which is also a weather station.

To measure the temperature outside, the Hama clock uses a wireless sensor that transmits radio information and is placed outside the house, being able to measure temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees.This way, if you put it in the kitchen or another room of the house, you will always know the weather outside and also the interior temperature.

With a diameter of 30 cm and a precise movement of quartz, the Hama watch with weather station also has the ability to predict the weather for the next 24 hours, without needing any internet connection, telling you by symbols if there will be sky Clean, cloudy, cloudy or rainy. And you can know more fromĀ CollegesandUniversitiesinusa.com.

The Hama Clock with Meteorological Station (reference 113982) is now available in Portugal through Hama and has a suggested retail price of 39.99 Euros.The package includes the external sensor and all the batteries required for immediate commissioning of the equipment.

In addition to this model, Hama has available an extensive range of weather stations and time-stamped clocks, which can be found at our site.