How do I Build a Box Spring Bed? Part 2

How do I Build a Box Spring Bed? Part 2

5th step: Selection of the actual top mattress

The mattress that is now chosen should be tailored to the very individual needs of the user. There are different types. Spring mattresses have built-in barrel or pocket springs, which ensure flexibility and a certain amount of springiness. The following applies here: the more individual spiral springs are used, the more comfortable the mattress is later during the night’s sleep. For some years now, however, there have also been newer materials that are of particular interest to allergy sufferers. Cold foam mattresses or viscose foam mattresses are breathable, have a fine-pored structure and support or relieve the body with pinpoint accuracy. Latex and gel mattresses are a high-quality alternative. They have all the positive properties of cold foam or viscose mattresses and adapt to the body very specifically. They also ensure a good exchange of air so that you don’t sweat so much on such a mattress. Those who prefer to make a completely natural bed and focus on sustainability will be happy with a natural mattress.

Regardless of which type of mattress you choose, it is definitely important to pay attention to the right degree of firmness. Side, back or stomach sleepers should seek advice.

Our tip : To prevent the mattress from slipping, a mattress topper should also be inserted underneath. There are special anti-slip pads that can be placed between two mattresses. These are usually used with electric box spring beds and prevent disruptive slipping when they are adjusted.

Step 6: the topper

A topper is a special pad that is characteristic of box spring beds. It’s kind of a very thin mattress. In the case of double beds, the narrow overlay is spread out over the two mattresses. In the case of a single bed, the topper sits flush with the individual mattress.

Here, too, there are various materials that further increase sleeping comfort. The nice thing about a topper is that it has a soft and supple surface. However, the stability of the mattresses underneath is not impaired. The sleeper can enjoy the precise relief of the body on the mattress, which is divided into zones, but actually lies softly and comfortably on the topper. By the way, some toppers have flexible tabs on the sides so that the soft pad does not slip.

7th step: plan the headboard

The headboard in particular offers the sleeper a homely feeling. It is also useful if you want to watch TV in bed and the pillows are raised on the neck. A headboard also ensures calmer air circulation around the head and neck area. This is especially important when the bed is set up along an outside wall. Do-it-yourselfers could, for example, first cut a suitable board out of spruce wood. It can be adjusted in height and width to the room and the bed. This can easily be covered with foam and the fabric already used for the frame. The textile layers are again stapled neatly on the back. Stable hooks are screwed onto the back.

Step 8: Do you need a foot section?

The typical box spring bed has no foot section. This is because the mattresses on top of each other in the new bed are relatively heavy. In order to be able to pack well, especially when making a new bed, it is easier if the foot area remains open.

Step 9: Feet under the bed – yes or no?

Whether the bed is also on feet or not is a very personal decision. In hotels in particular, box spring beds are on small castors so that they can also be cleaned under the bed. This could also be useful at home. On the other hand, if you live in an old building and have an uneven floor, precisely adjusted footboards would certainly make sense. A box spring bed always has a certain weight, which could press on old floorboards and can lead to creaking noises if the weight distribution is unfavorable.

Checklist: do i need this tool?

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Cordless tacker
  • drilling machine
  • Craft knife or fabric scissors
  • file
  • hammer
  • Allen key set or ring spanner set
  • pincers
  • Saw or electric jigsaw
  • Spirit level
  • Folding rule

Our conclusion: Is it worth building it yourself?

Building your own box spring bed has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • Completely individual lying feeling
  • Custom-made products are also possible (e.g. for sloping ceilings)
  • Form of self-actualization
  • Mostly more expensive than a finished model
  • Very high expenditure of time
  • No guarantee claims whatsoever

Anyone who is technically skilled and enjoys making furniture, etc. on their own will enjoy building a box spring bed themselves. It takes a lot of time and an exact plan, but the result is a genuine one-of-a-kind, unlike anything you can find in any furniture store in the world. Technically unskilled people should seek help if they dare to undertake a project of this kind. But with a lot of time and effort, it is possible for everyone to make their own dream box spring bed.

Are there alternatives?

For people who do not like “off the shelf” products and for whom the complete construction is too much work on their own responsibility, we have special sets that either make it possible to convert an ordinary bed frame into a box spring bed or alternatively come along as a box spring base and with a Mattress can be added as desired.

Box spring insert system “Kingston”

The “Kingston” box spring insert system includes a box, mattress and topper. Different mattresses and toppers to choose from allow individual adaptation. The system can be integrated into many bed frames and converts them into a real box spring bed. There is no need to build a new frame because you can continue to use the existing bed frame.

Box spring base “Polar”
With the box spring base “Polar”, on the other hand, you get a complete box spring substructure, which you can add your own mattress to. So you can z. B. continue to use your current mattress or are completely free to purchase a mattress and can choose a model of your choice. In this way, unusual combinations that cannot be bought in this form can also be realized.

How do I Build a Box Spring Bed 2