How to Buy Sofas for Sleeping Part 3

How to Buy Sofas for Sleeping Part 3

What does a sofa bed weigh?

Questions like “How much does a sofa bed weigh?” Or “How heavy is a sofa bed?” Can hardly be answered across the board. In addition to the size, various factors influence the weight of the piece of furniture. – For example, a solid wood frame increases the weight of the sofa, as does a thick mattress made of latex. And a sturdy bed box also inevitably makes the sofa heavier.

If the weight of the sofa bed is of great relevance to you, you should inquire about this for your preferred model or the models of your shortlist before buying.

Which is better: sofa bed or bed?

A general judgment “beds are better than sofa beds” or “sofa beds are better than beds” cannot be made due to the wide range of different models and fittings in both product areas.

If a sofa bed is to be purchased as a full replacement for a bed – i.e. as a permanent place to sleep (long-term sleeper) – it should be ensured that the sofa bed can be flexibly equipped – analogous to the bed. So there should be a choice of mattress or upholstery so that the sofa bed can be adapted to specific needs. Alternatively, you can choose a high-quality model with “fixed” equipment, if this equipment meets the requirements placed on the sleeping pad. Such a sofa bed can be just as good as an appropriately equipped bed.

In general, one can say that a very good sofa bed – in a version tailored to the user – is definitely better than an unsuitable bed. Of course, the same applies vice versa: A well-coordinated bed with high-quality furnishings will always be better than a poorly chosen sofa bed. Good advice is therefore essential, especially when choosing a sleeper – sofa bed.

How long does a sofa bed last?

The lifespan of a sofa bed depends, among other things, on its quality (material and workmanship) and the intensity of use. A high-quality sofa bed with a separate mattress and robust cover fabric can be used for ten years or more. Very simple sofa beds from the lower price segment can be ready for replacement after a few years, even with normal to moderate use.

What should you watch out for when buying? – Tips

Valuable tips and background information to help you choose your new sofa bed. What you should consider before buying a new sofa bed:

  • Tip 1: Mattresses and slatted frames are an advantage
    Especially for those who sleep continuously – i.e. sofa beds that are used every night, it is worth choosing a model with a separate mattress and slatted frame. On the one hand, the lying comfort can be optimally adapted to your own wishes. On the other hand, the sofa cushions are spared when they are not needed when using the couch as a bed. Basically, when investing in such a high quality sofa bed, you can assume that you will be able to enjoy the piece of furniture for a very long time, as the mattress, for example, can easily be exchanged if necessary.
  • Tip 2: Measure carefully
    Before you start looking for a sofa bed, you should measure the location exactly. How much space is available? Also think of the space that the sofa takes up when it is converted into a bed. In particular, people who sleep lengthways usually have a higher need here. If there is a table in front of the sofa, it may have to be set aside. This also requires space and you should be able to move around the room when the sofa is used as a bed.
  • Tip 3: Take seat height and seat depth into account
    So that the sofa bed can also be used as seating furniture, it should also meet certain requirements. The ideal seat height is around 43 to 48 cm, whereby your own height always plays a role. The seat depth should be 55 to 62 cm.
  • Tip 4: Bed height
    There are sofa beds where the bed surface is directly on the floor or just slightly above it when the bed function is used. This is probably no problem at all for the occasional child or adolescent overnight guest, while with increasing age one no longer has the desire and enthusiasm to fight one’s way up from the ground. It is beneficial if the lying height is identical to the seat height or is not really far below it.
  • Tip 5: Removable covers can be useful
    There are sofa bed models that are equipped with removable covers. Some of these covers can be washed or dry-cleaned if necessary. In addition, replacement covers are usually available – often in other designs and colors. Should your own taste change, the sofa can be easily adapted to the new wishes.
  • Tip 6: cover material, color scheme and design
    You should of course like the look of the sofa bed and its style should match the furnishing of the installation location or room. It is up to you whether you prefer a light or a dark version and a fabric or leather cover. With small children or animals, however, it is advisable to choose a material that is as insensitive as possible and easy to care for in a color that is not too light. For example, artificial leather can be wiped off very easily. High-quality synthetic leather is also less prone to scratches or abrasions. In general, leather / artificial leather gives a rather cool feeling, while many fabrics, on the other hand, radiate warmth. The longer the pile, the cozier the fabric cover of the sofa looks. However, combined with a higher sensitivity.
  • Tip 7: Storage space in the bed box
    A bed box is ideal for storing bedding when the couch is used as a couch and not as a bed. Make sure that the air can circulate in the bed box. If necessary, keep the bed box “open” for a period of time so that any moisture that has been absorbed can escape.
  • Tip 8: testing / sitting / lying down
    If you test a model on site in a furniture store, you should make sure that the seating comfort meets your requirements. When trying to lie on the sofa bed, your spine should be well supported. Is the available lying area sufficient or do you already have the feeling during a short test that there is not enough space? Then you should choose another sofa. Also try out the conversion mechanism and check whether it can be operated well. It shouldn’t jam or hook anything.

Helpful questions about choosing the right sofa bed:

  • ✓How and by whom should the sofa bed be used primarily?
  • ✓ How big should the sofa bed be? (Number of seats | size of lying area)
  • ✓ Is there enough space in the room for the sofa? (also rebuilt ?!)
  • ✓What style should the sofa bed have? (Wishes color, design, material)
  • ✓Should the sofa have armrests?
  • ✓ Do you prefer to sleep transversely or length ways ?
  • ✓Should the sofa have a bed box?

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