Miley Cyrus Is Selling His Home in Toluca Lake… Would Take a Look?

You know how much that they like the famous change House and buy and sell for prices that make us lose the account. Miley Cyrus Toluca Lake House has been for sale these days for a little more than 5 million euros… So if anyone has them available and are interested in the House is the time make a offer, another buyer to appear.

The House has more than 800 square metres and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. So it is suitable for families, if you have to have queues in the morning to go to the toilet. It was designed by architect Bob Easton and Miley bought it in 2007. It is amazing and it has all kinds of security measures, but decoration is not my style, I will not deceive. Anyway I think that the best thing is that you see it and judge for yourselves.

A mi me with this House the same thing happens with most famous houses. I am not going to say that does not impress me, because it’s a great House, but I I would not go to live to her that which is no joke and if it did, I would not feel anything comfortable. The decoration is impersonal, with classic luxury and kitsch details that not they stick you with tail… now, with a few changes could be a wonderful house.

There is no more than see the halls to find bugs and note that it is not that everything is wrong. In the lounge above the ceiling is beautiful, I like soil and the windows are a real last, even the fireplace it is not bad. But the color of the walls is evil, not to mention curtains and outdated style of furniture that does not hit anything Miley.

Here I leave another lounge, which has more or less the same problems. The cno longer I teach ocina you, because it is huge and great for cooking, but I would start by pulling it whole and do it from scratch again. Too rustic and Brown for me, if you want to gossip it left you at the end in the Gallery.

The bedroom improved a little, is the predominant white colour and that is welcome in a house in which most of the spaces are so ornate. And it is that it is difficult that in a big house and with so much light a room to overwhelm, as they have succeeded in this in some environments.

But to me what I like most, no doubt, are the exteriors. Here hardly needed furniture and there are not so badly chosen as in the interior. In addition there is no option to spoil everything with the colour of the walls because the natural environment provides a fantastic environment. On the porch that I’d be.

And if there is a nice swimming pool to my house already I have conquered… furniture and accessories already I will change them! now the only disadvantages are that I not have the money to buy it nor many options I moved to Toluca Lake, but otherwise, these gardens, my Miley already has convinced me.

In the gallery below you have another lot of photos of Miley House, If you want to put an end to decide if you spend five million euros in the House or not. Decoration for many of us will be a horror, but obviously the House has much potential and jobs to spend five million, also you can spend a little more in the reform, I say, isn’t it?

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