Open Doors: Materials of Last Generation in Ice Loft in Hamburg

Integrate a new construction in a historic It is not easy. It is a task that requires a high dose of sensitivity. There is a risk that the new building, modern dimensions, is perceived as a strange and annoying object along with the other; but also, if we spent preserving the historic features, it may be too pretentious.

The study Köhler Architekten, Hamburg, She has skillfully solved this problem with the conception of the call “Ice Loft”, in the District of Ottensen, in Hamburg. The classical structure of the façade of the homes of workers and burghers of the neighborhood, has been reinterpreted by covering its surface with HI – MACS®, a modern, last generation material, gives a contemporary style and is in perfect harmony with the interior of the House.

Although the dimensions and proportions of the new building follow the 19th century constructions that surround it, the choice of the used material transports us into a new era. Via a staircase that works as a link element, space has been structured, in accordance with the surrounding buildings, at three levels: a ground floor and two floors housing, topped by a roof with gable trim.

Through the use of HI – MACS®, panels architect Florian Köhler in this new building mimics the structure of the facade with stucco mouldings, so characteristic of the old buildings of the District of Ottensen. The roof domed, covered with metal plates, turns into the street with a concave angle, at the same time that the attic windows reproduce this way, creating an optical effect that recalls the movement of the waves.

The horizontal structure of the façade is not the only aspect that has reinterpreted. Also the cantilever, a determining stylistic factor, has taken a new form. The round central part stresses the nature symmetrical building, present on the two floors of homes coated HI – MACS®. In contrast to the rest of the façade, the lower part is covered with steel plates to which has been added a metal mesh that will act as a support for climbing plants which, over time, form a vertical garden.

But the facade is not the only fabulous in this building. As you can see in the pictures above the interior is also stunning. White has also great importance inside the House, the style of the furniture is modern and wood flooring provides great warmth in the common spaces. I see myself working comfortably in that space so fabulous with exterior views.

HI – MACS® has also been used in the interior of the building. Architects they have chosen acrylic stone in its Opal hue to the sinks in the bathrooms due to its high resistance and antibacterial properties. Thus, in addition, provides continuity between the exterior and the interior of the House.

No doubt we have an impressive reform both inside and outside. If outside the building already captures our attention, the interior does not diminish at all. I love the style and I love it the contrast of materials who have chosen in the façade, as once inside the housing.