Open House: House Santo Corpo, Old House in Ruins to Cutting-Edge Housing

One of the things that we most like to see in Decoesfera, are old restored houses, because that inspires us to see what our can be converted. Today we are going with this magnificent rehabilitation residential, call Casa Corpo Santo, which is designed by the architect Rui Barros Cerqueira. Outside, wrapped in dark charcoal, contains a light and spacious, simple but very comfortable family home.

A new volume side connects the three heights of the building. On the upper floor are the bedrooms and the main floor served as the social Center, the space of day. Inside the white and gray tones have a leading role and brings the warmth wood which has presence in soil and on the stairs.

We started by This area of day in which we have integrated storage solutions that flank the double doors that lead from the living room to the patio. This somewhat limits the passage of natural light, but makes up for it by reducing clutter in the room.

The detail of the floor pillows creating a relaxation area is a clear example of how with very little you can create an inviting space. Or spend a lot of money, only to have good and simple ideas to create feeling of home do not lack large furniture.

The kitchen has a detail that I know that you will fall in love with everyone and is the Smeg fridge in Cherry Red. His retro style is wonderful and gives it to the kitchen full of personality and is perfectly functional and more than needed in the kitchen. In the kitchen there are other interesting details such as a chalkboard that serves for sharing recipes and shopping lists.

An old house in ruins and divided into three apartments was the starting point for this project. The new volume added, in addition to the stairs, contains the toilet, kitchen and laundry. If we go up the stairs we arrive to the upper floor where there are two bedrooms and a bathroom.

There is not too much space, that is. But natural light, white and ceiling beams wooden ceilings that allow room to have high-rise, make make the space look reasonably wide.

We ended our journey in bathroom in which the protagonist is the blue tile on the walls and that should also be noted that we have chosen parts for the toilet and the sink that are ideal for a small bathroom, with a very light and functional minimalist style.

It is not a House as spectacular, as others we’ve seen, but it has many interesting solutions especially for small spaces, do not you think?