Outside of Luxury, Lots of Light and a Touch of Mint in The New Home of Scarlett Johansson in The Angeles

Finally Scarlett Johansson has found home in Los Angeles, in the Los Feliz area overlooking the Hollywood Hills, where you have a lot of neighbors as famous as her between who is Kate Bosworth moved not long ago to the same zone. The case is the actress took some time looking for new home and finally found that meets all the requirements that she wanted.

I am sure that we are all in agreement with her that the chosen House is very adorable. Missing furniture, which is not bad, because Hollywood purchased furnished houses tend to be a horror to be a little outdated and you always have to renew them. The House has four bedrooms and six bathrooms, as well as common areas such as kitchen and living areas and a few outdoor spa and pool completely of luxury.

As I said the House has no furniture, but that it has prepared the bathrooms and the kitchen. What are missing are the bedroom and the living room and dining room furniture. The kitchen loved, has a retro style on your furniture that make it more than adorable and I love that they have chosen for the fronts of your cabinets the color mint, fantastic is combined with white.

Scarlett will have that personalize it with small details, but the general decoration, in plan surfaces and furniture I no would change you anything, because it is very beautiful and it seems is preserved in good condition. Whenever I see these kitchens I wonder if the famous cook much… because if my life I almost don’t have time daily for cooking, I don’t want to imagine them with so much hustle and bustle…

One of the reasons for which this House has so much potential is by its large windows and the light that enters them from the outside. That is something essential in any House and facilitates a lot to the furnishing and decorating easier.

This seating area that he communicates directly with the pool area It is one of which I liked more. But as you can see in the photos that I leave at the end in the Gallery, all stays, whether bedrooms or living rooms have large windows and excellent natural lighting.

Bath already I liked so much, is one of six… but is that have managed to picture. That Brown in the washbasin I am not convinced, I think that that Scarlett will need some paint in a tone more clear to improve this environment. Actually is the only thing that I don’t like the House, but something had to be put to criticize that furniture.

In the photos you can see another detail which I love and is that each room is painted a color. At this time in which almost everyone bet on the white, thanks to see spaces that are painted in other colours. The chosen colours are all cake, very soft, and not see anything recharged the set in addition to being very much in agreement with the House style.

I believe that Scarlett Johansson has successful in your choice. And you, what say? do you like your new home?

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