Planned Kitchen Colors:Tips to Hit the Choice

Various combinations of colors can be made to decorate the kitchen.

Want to know which colors of planned kitchen will be amazing at your House? We will give you some tips for choosing and leave everything beautiful and harmonious. Come with us!

Gone the days when the kitchen was always the same: same colors, little personality and was a supporting character from the rest of the House. Today the place so cozy to receive friends and a snack during the events has your importance recognized.

Learn now how to choose the best colors for your kitchen look beautiful.

8 tips to Bet in the colors of planned kitchen

1-to give Joy to the environment

Yellow is a very interesting color for decoration in General. On your way, is lively and transmits citrus energy. The color yellow is also a tip for those who want to add a contemporary twist to traditional cuisine.

That point that divides the modules of kitchen cabinets is a perfect area to give the injection of yellow color.

The yellow looks great in contrast with the black, grey and in conjunction with the wood.

2 – Tranquility and peace

The Tiffany blue (light blue) is a common color for bedrooms, but not very obvious to a kitchen. Or do you know that the kitchen environment is more quiet and smooth with the use of this delicate blue.

3 – Freshness

You know the Green Greenery? He is the color of the year, according to Pantone. And this moss green with a hint of yellow is a energetic and full of freshness. Resembles the Mint, no?


The cabinets in different shades of pink are a gradient feminine and romantic. For being a striking color, Pink is more elegant if applied to small details, such as the planned furniture doors and drawers.

Combine pink with more closed and not so happy. A great idea, but without “House of Barbie”.


The blue stronger, as the Bic or Royal, is a unique sophistication. In addition, remodeled or creates elements for kitchen worthy of a “wow!”. Along with black, the combination becomes dark, but with a more special.

6-colored tiles

Since we’re talking about color, for the most daring, tiles in assorted colors are very beautiful in a kitchen in sober tones.

A great tip to not err: focus efforts on colored walls or in colourful tiles. Or, use color elsewhere, but with harmony.

7-Patterned Tiles

The mix of prints gives a very nice effect to a kitchen. She is stripped and, at the same time, very feminine.

How to set the combinations of tiles: Although the prints are different, make sure they have something in common with each other, as a specific color. There must be a pattern to follow.

8-brake pads

The pills are beautiful in the kitchen. A small colorful horizontal stripe wall gives another life strategic ema.

The whole charm of the space of your cooking and entertaining friends and family may be under the responsibility of a good set of inserts.

What do you think of lightness that green water applies to a kitchen all in black and white?

Ready to go for a fixer-upper in your home with these tips? Planned kitchen colors ideas depend, above all, of your taste and style.