Plants and Flowers as Powerful Design Elements for Your Home

Plants and Flowers as Powerful Design Elements for Your Home

Plants and flowers can make our homes look alive. Plants for the home are not that expensive compared to buying decorative items, canvases and the like. Here we are going to suggest the reasons why plants and flowers can be powerful design elements in your home.

Plants and flowers as powerful design elements for your home

There are many reasons why plants and flowers are powerful design elements in our home. These are the reasons why many people prefer to choose plants and flowers as decor compared to other decorative items that are actually more expensive than plants and flowers. They can also serve the same purpose as traditional interior decoration.

Indoor flowers and plants

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. – Og Mandino

The fact is that there are many benefits to houseplants. Aside from the psychological and physical benefits of indoor plants, they can make our home more attractive, adding freshness and a feeling of comfort. According to studies, practice rooms with indoor plants and flowers have the influence on people. For example, employees are more productive, patients recover faster, and students improve their learning skills.

From an ecological point of view, plants will purify the air in the area by reducing the carbon dioxide content of the air and instead providing oxygen and water vapor. Plants also reduce pollutants that contribute to stress development in humans. Plants are also natural air coolers as they tend to lower the room temperature.

The importance of flowers and plants for interior decoration

Plants and flowers add to the natural aesthetics of our living spaces by creating texture and balance. For example, a room with plants can create a welcoming and comforting environment. There are other important advantages of plants and flowers in interior design that make them powerful design elements:

  1. The center of gravity– Plants and flowers can be the point of attraction in a room and this can be done in several ways, because large plants can attract attention simply because of their size; Plants from the Agave family can function as sculptures in our homes because they can be placed in twists and turns. Likewise, plants and flowers with light colors can also take center stage.
  2. Frame or screen– Plants can act as picture frames, indicating an object or a path. For example: two identical plants on either side of the entrance to a building; Or plants and flowers can also block unwanted view, that is, hide electrical connections in a room.
  3. Acoustics and muffled noises– the presence of plants and flowers in the room can reduce the sound by absorbing higher frequencies and by reflecting and distracting sound.
  4. Visual depth and demarcation of spaces– sometimes when you are in an open space in a building or a shopping mall you feel like you are all watching. Plants create visual depths and can divide a room into cozy and smaller rooms.
  5. Plants and flowers add color and interest– especially if the interior space is monotonous or monochrome, brightly colored plants and flowers can make the space more vibrant and dynamic.
  6. Expand the design and create ambience– plants and flowers can act as accessories in interior design. You can improve the overall design of the interior design.
  7. Clean and Green Environment– There are many health benefits from indoor plants and flowers, and these have been proven to improve a person’s overall wellbeing.

Plants and Flowers as Powerful Design Elements for Your Home