Presentation of the New Collection of Vinyls of Plage

We have already spoken earlier in Decoesfera of the Luminescent panels dividing fluowall Plage, company founded 20 years ago in Blaringhem (France) and now present in more than 30 markets worldwide.

On this occasion we have been present at the meeting for media where Mathieu Fortin, Sales Director for Spain and Portugal, talked about, among other interesting innovations, above the new products Nature Deco, creators and Wallies from spring-summer collections 2009, as well as the expansion plans of the company for our market.

The place chosen for the event was the ideal for all lovers of decoration: space 3 Gongora in the District of Chueca in Madrid. This former stables of a factory of baking has become today in a warm and elegant space thanks to a reform, devised by the designer Sena Cifuentes, in which have been preserved intact walls of brick, wood beams and stone floors, along with a combination of iron plating and smooth walls.

As we see here, although now properly decked out for the occasion with the vinyl collection Nature Deco Plage, one of the most popular references in Spain.

Appeared also installed the Patchwall, ensembles made up of five combinable elements made of a similar material to a tissue, the Polystick, which incorporates technology Stick On Stick Off easy to replace and change at any time. Here at MONTCHANINSTORES you can get more different home decorations ideas. And on the ground the Patchfloor, relocatable vinyl of high resistance to routine cleaning and the use of footwear and also where you want it: kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom.

Some samples of the collection were also present Creators, designed by young designers such as Miss Tic or Robert Le héros.

While we ended the talk had the opportunity to see some picture printing in Myphotostick, a product to create your own compositions at home with just a printer, injection, and photos you want. It is sold in a package of 10 sheets DINA4 blank. The tests were performed with some photos provided by those who were present and I can assure that they were spectacular.

At the end of the presentation was a small Workshop where as you can see we had opportunity to test the ease of placement and relocation of vinyl by ourselves. In any case we have reserved us some to study them carefully and tell you the actual experience in our section of analysis and testing.