Refurbishing the Bedroom

Refurbishing the Bedroom

Buying a complete bedroom or just individual pieces of furniture? This is the question of who wants to redecorate their bedroom. Depending on your personal circumstances, it can make more sense to renew the entire bedroom furnishings or just individual parts as required. We give tips on how to find the optimal solution for your bedroom at home.

Complete bedroom: the right solution?

Without question, there are many advantages to buying a complete bedroom. The furniture fits together perfectly and can be precisely matched to one another and to the spatial conditions in the bedroom. If you want to replace several or the largest and most expensive furniture (bed or wardrobe) anyway, a suitably assembled, complete bedroom furniture can be worthwhile. There are many different, modern styles to choose from, while when buying new parts, the style and color of the existing furniture must be taken into account.

You will find a large selection of complete bedrooms in different styles and furnishings:

New purchase of individual bedroom furniture

If you only want to buy a single piece of furniture for the bedroom, you should coordinate the new purchase with the existing furnishings. Is z. If, for example, only the bed is renewed, it may be a better choice to create contrasts with completely different colors or decors. Often, furniture that almost – but not quite – fits together seems more restless than pieces that are stylistically coordinated but different in color. Even if two pieces of furniture are both made of oak, for example, the appearance will differ significantly if two manufacturers use different surface treatments and / or wood qualities. If in doubt, material samples of the desired piece of furniture can also be requested and compared directly with the existing furniture.

If several pieces of furniture are to be renewed, it is advisable that they all come from the same manufacturer. Corresponding combination options are suggested by the retailer, who links a piece of furniture directly to associated furnishings from the same collection.

What do I need and what suits me?

Last but not least, the spatial conditions dictate which furniture is the right one. A small bedroom poses different furnishing challenges than a larger room. Furniture can be adapted accordingly. You can find detailed information on furnishing smaller bedrooms here:

When deciding on new pieces of furniture, personal needs should also be taken into account. Different phases of life place different demands on the facility. Before making a new purchase, you should therefore plan what requirements are currently placed on the furniture and how they will change in the next few years. You can find more information on this topic in this article:

The purchase of a complete bedroom offers a good opportunity to freely choose the style and color scheme and to set new accents. But if you want to stay true to the same style and have already furnished the bedroom optimally to your taste, you are well advised with an individual part that matches the previous furnishings.

Our experts have put together a few tips for you to create a harmonious bedroom design:

Individual furniture or complete bedrooms?

You can check what is right for you using the following points:

  • Which furniture needs to be replaced? If the entire bedroom furnishings are outdated, no longer pleasing or no longer meet current requirements, then a complete bedroom is worthwhile.
  • Color, wood, decor: Is the decor of the existing furniture available for new furnishings or can the furnishings be easily combined with new parts? Then you can achieve a harmonious overall picture even with the purchase of a single piece.
  • ✓ Interior style : Do you want to change or modernize the style of the entire facility? Then a complete bedroom is a good solution, in which you can freely choose the style and implement it consistently throughout the room.
  • The spatial conditions: Does the existing furniture fit perfectly into the room? If not, or if there have been changes (e.g. due to moving), a completely new bedroom interior can be worthwhile. When buying a new one, attention can be paid directly to an ideal use of the space.
  • Personal needs: Are your needs the same as when you bought your previous furniture? With age, the addition of a family or changes in personal circumstances, the requirements for bedroom furnishings can also change. If it is foreseeable that the need will change, the facility should be adapted accordingly.
  • Price and budget: Whether you buy a complete bedroom or a single (perhaps higher quality) piece should of course also be determined on the basis of the amount you would like to spend on the purchase.

Refurbishing the Bedroom