Stunning Restoration of a House in La Cerdanya by Dom Architecture with PILMA Furniture

In a small town, consisting of about 20 houses surrounded by fields and meadows, DOM architecture has been responsible for rehabilitating one of them, with a total area of 600 square meters, where lived a haystack, one block, a store, a small house and a badiu, to turn it into a home ownership and several guest pavilions. The result is impressive, there is more to see photos.

The study of architecture and interior design has chosen the Catalan PILMA decoration firm to furnish different spaces This rehabilitation project located in the Catalan region of Cerdanya. The House has been just as wonderful on the inside and out and also surprises, precisely because the inside is somewhat unexpected.

In the project the volumes of the existing buildings have been maintained, rehabilitating their fa├žades and roofs and redistributing all the interior spaces. It is important to respect, in the renovations, you already have and put it on value to keep the essence of the building.

The badiu, a large covered and open space has rehabilitated while maintaining the old trusses that supported the roof, through a system of wood and Texas where there is no attachment material.

In the inside housing arise various rooms and seating areas for guests that have been refurbished preserving some stone walls, others to be of wood, using elements of iron support and combining wood with hydraulic tiles.

The objective of the project was to generate a spacious, in a rural setting, where the privileged views of the surroundings come to form part of the interior. The idea is to convert an old House into a space that responds to the needs of today and ensure the comfort of who inhabit it.

Equally important has been the choice of furniture. The PILMA parts stand out due to its simple and practical lines. Exclusive and modern designs from brands such as Zeus and PILMA, PLM Design, own-label without renouncing to the avant-garde, bring to the spaces a timelessness that is perfect for the style of this housing.

Some of the furniture that you can see in the House they are, on the one hand: Zeus the auxiliary slim irony, table and bench Tomasso steel fosfataro and tables coffee table Solitaire Basso brand. And on the other hand: oak Scandinavia-legged chairs, chairs of the LIU collection and armchair and footstool white skin of the PLM PILMA Design brand TIME OUT.

Pilma is one of the major references in decoration and style of life in Catalonia. It works in close collaboration with major national and international designers for the creation of your PLM DESIGN brand. In addition, during these years has reached agreements with prestigious international firms such as Zeus, Kartell and avant-garde furniture Stua for the marketing of their products at special in-store corners. That allows you to furnish living spaces complete with both style and in this case.

Dom architecture it is integrated by Pablo Serrano Elorduy, and the Interior Designer Blanca Elorduy study. Located in Barcelona, the study addresses projects of architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, ephemeral installations and renovations, both in Spain and abroad. DOM is especially interested in one sustainable, environmentally friendly architecture with the environment, and that tends to optimize expenses and resources in construction which is also noted in this beautiful project.

To my already have entered I want to move, and you don’t you love how it has been the House?