Traditional Interior Design

Traditional Interior Design

Talk about antique home d├ęcor all the way to the fabric with floral prints. The traditional style can be considered unfashionable or outdated, but when it comes to familiarity and comfort, this is the interior design to suit you. We have here the information about traditional interior design and some tips on how to bring the design into your home.

The traditional interior design

The traditional interior design is influenced by the European decor of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is the epitome of elegance and comfort. Although many people view the design as outdated or out of style, many still love the familiarity and nostalgia of interior design, which most have grown with. This design is ideal for those who love antiques, classic works of art, design samples, with a rich history.

Nowadays, the versatility of traditional design makes it possible for designers and homeowners to combine it with other design styles that they would like to make more personal.

Features of traditional interior design

The common features of traditional interior design are:

  1. Symmetry– the traditional interior design emphasizes the balance in every aspect of the house: from the architecture to the placement of furniture. The arrangement of the furnishings is formal.
  2. Soft Edges– traditional design has no edges or sharp angles. It focuses more on the curves and the comfort of leaning back. Do you ever wonder why some furniture has skirts, even traditional interior design recommends the pieces of furniture to have that cozy feeling and to hide the legs of the tables and chairs.
  3. Conservative colors– colors are more relaxed and shouldn’t be garish. Most of the common colors are neutral, such as beige, cream, and tan. You can also choose between brown, red, green and blue.
  4. Intense wood shades – darker wood shades are another element of classic interior design. Wood such as mahogany, cherry, oak are often used.

Traditional interior design ideas for your home

Here are some ideas on how to bring this traditional interior design into your home:

  1. Dark, Intense Colors – Typically, the traditional interior design style consists of dark woods, sophisticated colors, and intense tones. Often the walls of the traditional design style are in neutral colors, so the addition of furniture in the same colors, works of art, decorative objects in contrast to the wall will create a warm and comfortable space.
  2. Dignified furniture – the furniture of traditional interior design is rather cumbersome and is mostly made of mahogany, maple and cherry. Often times, the fabrics used are of high quality such as leather, silk and velvet.
  3. Wood – one of the key elements of traditional interior design has rich shades of color. Dark wood is often used for furniture. The wood is then carved and varnished to give it a luxurious and elegant look.
  4. Accents – elaborate moldings, wood paneling, intricate tile and wood floor patterns are common in this type of design style. In addition to this, built-in cabinets, pillars, and arches are also common features of this style.
  5. Attractive Finishing – Traditional interior design is known for beautiful finishing with the use of rolling mills and interior plaster to highlight details.
  6. Exotic rugs – Persian rugs and oriental rugs are popular in traditional interior design and they never go out of style. Note that these rugs and rugs are a bit expensive, so you might be splurgeon with them.
  7. Shine and Shine – Metals with soft, warm undertones are another characteristic of traditional interior design. Metals like brass, bronze and copper ensure the best effect.
  8. Pattern – any pattern will be appropriate in traditional interior design. All you have to do is experiment with combining. Remember not to be too daring.
  9. Window decorations – the use of luxurious fabrics and embellishments such as tassels are a common sight in this type of design. The addition of plants will also add to the appearance of the window.
  10. Accessories – adding artful accessories such as porcelain, figurines, plants, books, a globe and boxes will give life to the rooms.

Traditional Interior Design