Unconventional Homes: a Bunker as Summer Housing

If you are looking for original accommodation for a holiday in the Netherlands you have to take a look at this. It’s an old WWII bunker now housing in summer which is rented by seasons. It is a creation of B-ild and this view which is really amazing.

To start surprising the contrast between the gray and gloomy of the bunker entrance and wooden pallet that you have mounted in the garden and it conveys a feeling of relaxation and good vibes that is fantastic. They are both totally opposed to sharing the same place, the platform that makes the times of terrace and the entrance to the bunker.

Is not the only thing the platform It has prepared to make more habitable bunker, the interior is obviously also renovated. However the walls and the entrance have been such which were when it served as a bunker to keep his essence. That makes be very unconventional as housing and perhaps not be everyone’s taste, but what is certain is that it will not leave anyone indifferent.

After the interior has been great. The space isn’t very big but it has with a kitchen and dining area and four beds arranged bunk beds as a, as you can see in the photos above. I’d say it’s not something to be live, but as experience can be fun and very curious and the site is perfectly comfortable.