Welcome to My Ship, a Staircase That Os Will Be The Future

Or maybe just upstairs, but I do not deny that the staircase which opens this entry could lead perfectly inside of a terrestrial or extraterrestrial ship but of the future. There is no metal, or a chrome finish and all are materials which are used daily in the construction, but there are a futuristic nosequé in this ladder.

Work of the Studio of architecture and Japanese design, A + Design,It can not be located in the best environment. Whole House appears to rotate around the staircase. The Windows It makes the landscape part of the decoration or the dark wood floors.

Once again we see that when it comes to decorating the binomial to black & white works. In this case the black and white contrast radically and the lighting and the design of “tunnel” become protagonists, together with the green landscape. I do not know very well is that style of furniture you would to this House. Maybe a warm minimalism, which we have already seen that it works or the sobriety of the Bo Concept.

Do you think you? Do not you remember the stairway to a spaceship?