What Colors Do I Choose in the Bedroom? Part II

What Colors Do I Choose in the Bedroom? Part II


A royal blue shade is incredibly encouraging and calms the entire vegetative nervous system. The dark tone almost swallows the viewer. Therefore, this color is particularly suitable for large bedrooms that should be designed to be cozy and homely. Light blue tones, on the other hand, have a cooling effect on the viewer. They can be helpful for hot people who want to de-stress themselves in the bedroom and who are looking for a distance from daily events. This applies to both furniture and the color of the room wall.


The baroque color conveys a certain heaviness and solemnity. If you like it opulent and mystical in the bedroom, you will be well positioned with this color as a wall color. One should note, however, that the mood between four purple walls can quickly become melancholy. Better to deal with this color only discreetly. In contrast, you can’t go wrong with a bed in this color, here the choice of color emphasizes the importance that you assign to your sleeping area.


It is not for nothing that this coloring is often used when girls’ rooms are to be expanded into a princess realm. Pink has a sensitizing and soothing effect. The ideal color for people who really want to relax in the bedroom and indulge in their dreams. Pink goes great with white bedroom furniture. Beds in pink are rather uncommon, but very popular especially for girls’ rooms. Which color is better suited to bedding a little king’s daughter appropriately?


An earthy shade of brown can be cozy – as long as it is not painted room-high. Chocolate brown exudes a feeling of security and ensures that you are connected to the earth. Incidentally, the tone can be perfectly combined with pink and white. This applies in both directions, so brown bedroom furniture comes into its own in white or pink rooms and creates a pleasant contrast to the light wall color.


The striking red is often used to give the bedroom a certain erotic charisma. But be careful: red not only promotes the sex drive, but also charges energetically. It can seem aggressive and overpowering to certain people. Therefore, one should be careful when choosing the wall color and, if necessary, only paint parts of the room, with beds, on the other hand, the romantic character predominates.


The warm and radiant orange is often used in bedrooms with a Mediterranean flair. Orange painted walls give off a certain warmth that can be reminiscent of the morning sun. Unfortunately, the shade is difficult to combine and a lot of furniture does not go well with it. It is therefore better to use orange only pointedly. Our tip: If you decide on a bed in this color, we recommend a wall with little color.


A sunny yellow conveys joie de vivre and enlightenment – who can get enough of it? The reason yellow is so practical and beautiful in interior design is that it blends in perfectly with the living environment in all its nuances. Whether bright lemon yellow or soft sorbet yellow, the color brings width and light into the room and makes the bedroom appear larger – ideal as a wall color or when choosing furniture.


For example, a warm, golden metal tone can be painted to add extra emphasis to certain areas of the room. Gold gives off heat and can therefore be placed around the head area of ​​the bed, for example. In the case of gold, however, several coats of paint are necessary. Golden beds, on the other hand, look imposing and exude a royal character in the room. Gold metal beds in particular have experienced a renewed renaissance in recent years.


The precious metal has a cooling effect and rather inhibits the feel-good character. If you don’t want to do without it, you should use silver sparingly and thus create a loft character. It is better to consciously use pieces of furniture with a metallic expression and to use classic colors for the wall design.


For years, white was considered THE wall color par excellence. And in no case is it wrong to use it to whitewash the bedroom. White gives tasteful furniture, high-quality carpeting and unusual pictures enough room to unfold to show everything airily. Here it is advisable to consciously create contrasts. This is how dark furniture comes into its own in white rooms – the other way round the same applies: white beds work best in darker rooms.

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In summary: Our tips for interior design

  • Colors can be used over the entire surface, but also accentuated.
  • If you are unsure, you should get color samples of the desired color and test them live.
  • Some colors work very differently in sunlight than under the influence of lamplight.
  • Sockets and light switches can interrupt colored walls in an uncomfortably concise way.